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Name This Feature

So I figured that I would follow in the great Deadspin's footsteps and provide a round-up of articles to read in the morning with a little commentary.

I'll leave the comments open for name suggestions. Also, if you come across any interesting articles or blog posts or write your own e-mail them to me and I'll try to include them. Anyway, here is today's installment:

  • Greener is pretty confident that Trader Cliff will move Sundin before the deadline. More games like last night's should make it clear that it's a necessity.

  • David Johnson makes the case for keeping Sundin. If you can move some other contracts (Tucker, McCabe, Kubina) then maybe, as DJ points out, the effect of having Sundin around is worth sacrificing his trade value.

  • Paul Hunter paints an ugly picture of the injury situation. Boyce got hurt too? There is something in the water in Toronto. On the bright side, Carlo is days away from being back. On the sad side he is a few more days away from being injured.

  • Tim Yu recaps the special Make-A-Wish segment from Wednesday. Not it doesn't involve an explanation about why Wozniewski is in the NHL but it's a nice story about the Leafs hosting a 10 year that's already beaten Leukemia once and is fighting it again.

  • Steve does a good job of breaking down the 'bad' moves that Cox will be referencing every day for the next 19 months.