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Be Creative, Offer Suggestions

So I figured that I would follow in the great Deadspin's footsteps and provide a round-up of articles to read in the morning with a little commentary.

I'll leave the comments open for name suggestions. Also, if you come across any interesting articles or blog posts or write your own e-mail them to me and I'll try to include them. Anyway, here is today's installment:

  • Hey look! Kaberle can shoot...really well. I wonder if anyone has ever told him to shoot more often.

  • David Johnson wonders if the NHLPA's Paul Kelly used the All-Star weekend to let Gary Bettman know that he's not another Goodenow.

  • Tim Wharnsby reminds Damien Cox that Fletcher drafted a pretty good player once upon a time. Just kidding, Damien has a psychological block that does not allow him to read anything positive about the Leafs.

  • Joe wonders if John Michael Liles' days are numbered in Colorado. Leaf scouts were at their last game before the All-Star break. Would the Leafs want Liles?

  • Stamkos speared? How dare they go after the future Maple Leaf. 8 games?! Should have been 80.