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Leave A Legacy

So I figured that I would follow in the great Deadspin's footsteps and provide a round-up of articles to read in the morning with a little commentary.

I'll leave the comments open for name suggestions. There's some talk around the other SB Nation blogs that the Leafs fans are the least creative but I told them that they are all full of it. Leaf fans are the best at everything so try to prove me right. Also, if you come across any interesting articles or blog posts or write your own e-mail them to me and I'll try to include them. Anyway, here is today's installment:

  • The Omen wants the Leaf to follow the Blues' example. The last time that happened the team ended up with JFJ as GM.

  • Tim Wharnsby tells us that Tlusty is going to fill in the role of Mats Sundin's winger. Will the shoulder injury curse continue? Also, Carlo Colaiacovo looks set to play tonight. In other news, Carlo Colaiacovo will be injured Saturday night.

  • Mark Spector tries to scare Leaf fans. As if 41 years without a Cup wasn't scary enough.

  • Paul Hunter listens to Jason Blake tell him that he is going to start passing more without asking him why he's about 3 months late in coming to that conclusion.

  • JP McGovern has the latest NHL Pacing out. Ottawa's hoping that Washington holds on to that third place seed.

  • Noah Love calculates that the Leafs have a 97% chance of making the playoffs just like condoms have a 97% chance of working. That three percent is terrifying.


  • eyebeleaf brings some scary activities in the Middle East to light. Those poor kids never had a chance.

  • Loser Domi makes Leaf versions of those hilarious Lolcats pictures. The last one is the best. Darcy, you can never escape your shadow.

Brad Boyes is back in town tonight and sits on 29 goals. Expect him to notch his thirtieth which will likely be the game-winner. He'll then choose one lucky Leaf fan and cut the heart right out of his/her chest. Who says the Leafs can't draft?