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As The Mats Turns

So I figured that I would follow in the great Deadspin's footsteps and provide a round-up of interesting articles in the morning with a little commentary.

I'll leave the comments open for name suggestions in the hopes of actually getting some good ones. There's some talk around the other SB Nation blogs that the Leafs fans are the least creative but I told them that they are all full of it. Leaf fans are the best at everything so try to prove me right. Also, if you come across any interesting articles or blog posts or write your own e-mail them to me and I'll try to include them. Anyway, here is today's installment and as you can guess, it's all Mats (almost):

  • Mats says again, for about the 5000th time, that he won't leave. Seriously mittenstringers, if he is going to leave you'll know when the deals made and not a second sooner.

  • Norte makes the point that Sundin truly loves the Leafs and that's why he'll waive his NTC. He wants the Leafs to win a Cup as much as fans do and he knows that this is a great chance for the franchise to re-load. Personally, I think it's a calculated string a denials meant to increase the potential package that teams will present to try to get him to change his mind.

  • leosc worries that Mats will like his new town more than Toronto. I say that's impossible. Who doesn't love being hounded 12 months out of the year by a gaggle of reporters and having their girlfriend splashed on the front page of a newspaper?

  • Muppet takes the strictly business approach and looks at how the Leafs can be made a contender in 2010-2011. Spoiler: It includes no Mats after the trade deadline.

  • The Omen actually says something that I agree with, that I wrote a while ago: Trading Mats can be prevented by making a tonne of other moves. Or it's a trick and he's just setting up his February 27th article - The Leafs Are Idiots For Not Trading Mats.

  • Paul Hunter suggests Jim Rutherford might be the perfect candidate. He's a good back-up. Burkie's denials of interest were just a way to get the media hounds off of his back and it worked. They are on to harrassing the next poor SOB.

  • Buy The Leafs? Check it out and sign up for shares. Apparently it's a legitimate venture. $120 Million down, $1.68 billion to go.