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FTB - Hissy Fit Edition

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Before you do anything, read the post below this and make sure to take a look at the hissy fit Cox posted after getting some logical replies. Now, look at what he wrote this morning in which he suggests that the Leafs should trade two players that will be veteran leaders in 3 seasons (and still young) when the Leafs should be competitive again. Of course, Antro and Kaberle will bring in the most assets (if they can even be moved) but does Cox want a permanent re-build? And how about this conclusion:

If Leafs management is coldly realistic, there is great opportunity ahead in the next few months to shave a year or more off this rebuilding process by moving proven players for prospects and picks, rather than swapping picks and prospects for more established help, as it's believed Fletcher already has attempted to do.

Are you kidding me? After yesterday's "post"? Who is the editor at The Star? Who is in charge of making his arguments internally consistent because that guy should get shit-canned. Oh wait, Cox is a freaking editor. Oh brother.

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