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Preseason Game 6

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For those of you new to Pension Plan Puppets or SBN sites Game Threads are where the new platform really separates itself from the pack. The hotkeys help in scrolling through the comments and replying quickly and it's a great place to chat during the games. Preseason is a little tough because the games are all on LeafsTV but come the start of the regular season it'll be a great place to commiserate. We're not really sure what to put in here yet so if you have any suggestions send them our way.

I loved Bester when I was little. He looked like a kid playing in the NHL and he had a sick glove hand. Unfortunately...he had a big gaping five-hole. I wanted to post a video of the Sergio Momesso OT winner because that was such a traumatic event. However, all I could find was this deserved tribute.

CuJo gets the start in the city that made him famous after this series: