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Thanks to The Pensblog for the image and possibly one of the greatest blogosphere pranks since the great Hockey-Reference Scheme of last season. Lots of action throughout the blogosphere as the league's most popular team gets back into real action. Let's get right into the action:

  • The return of Ninja? I hope so.
  • Sorry Grapes, JFJ should have been crucified.
  • If you took the under then you lost a tonne of money.
  • I was having dinner at The Keg (happy birthday mom!) and almost broke my dad's rib elbowing him after Kulemin's goal.
  • I agree with Repressed Optimism. The Leafs will not finish last. I'll expand later.
  • Greener gets in a dig at Osgood but since it includes a reference to his smoking hot crush it's borderline acceptable. It must be weird to watch hockey with the sun out.
  • Eyebeleaf has one word for you: Victory. The other word he has for you: PLAYOFFS!
  • So much for power rankings. Eat it everyone that hates the Leafs!
  • Great, the crayon meme is spreading. Pittyman responds well as any real Leaf fan knows that you write your parade in pencil in case you have to re-route it due to the endless construction. (Judge's ruling: that was a construction joke so it's allowed but clean it up).