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Game Recap: Leafs 1 Canadiens 6

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Well, no bones about it, the Leafs got smoked last night. I sauntered into my house in time to see the Habs score a pair in two minutes to make it 4-0.

In a way it's sort of liberating. The Leafs are not a playoff team, they're not a contender. Thursday's win against the Red Wings is something we now realize will be a rare treat. There are going to be games where the Leafs skate hard, hit hard, and pull off the win against all odds. There are going to be more games like last night, where actual contenders come to the ACC and blow the doors off our entire team.

Updated SPG leaderboard! Here's everyone with points:

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I highlighted the handsomest player in orange. Thanks to everyone who came here last night despite better options on a Saturday night like:

  • Suffering severe head trauma and forgetting hockey exists
  • Playing jacks
  • Finishing War and Peace
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