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Negative Nancy Notebook: Ryan Hollweg Is Gonna Get It

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From The Star's Paul Hunter:

The Maple Leafs acquired pesky Ryan Hollweg during the off-season to be an energizing momentum changer.

But it was supposed to work for them, not against them.

You know, Paul Hunter makes a good point. The Leafs were out there, kicking ass and taking names. Kaberle's scoring, Kulemin's scoring, Ponikarovsky's scoring, everything is just peachy at the ACC.

Then out comes our momentum changer. Do we really need an "energy guy" on the ice to change the momentum of the game when it's already in our favor?

Ryan Hollweg is such a stupid asshole that it has the whole Barilkosphere agreeing with Damien Cox:

Let's be clear. This oaf on skates doesn't score goals, or set up plays, or generate a forecheck or even protect his teammates. Ever since he's been in the league, he has been known as a player who does one of three things every time he's on the ice:

1) Takes about 25 strides and charges an opponent.
2) Leaves his feet to hit an opponent.
3) Hits opponents from behind.

Do you understand what has happened here? We all hate Damien Cox. We would weasel out of agreeing with him no matter what. Ryan Hollweg is so odious that he's forced us to agree with the public figure we hate the second most in Toronto.

From STL Today's coverage:

"I think we've got guys that would have sent a message (to Hollweg)," Boyes said. "I know (Cam Janssen) especially wanted to get a piece of him. But the best way to do it is on the ice, and we did that with those two goals."

Yesterday, before the call was even made, I wanted Hollweg to get five minutes and a game misconduct because hitting from behind is gutless, and I don't like seeing skilled players injured by petty thugs.

Remember the end of the 06-07 season anyone? When Cam Janssen leapt off his feet to hit Tomas Kaberle in the head and into the boards roughly ten seconds after he passed the puck? You know, the year Toronto lost one of their best defenders for three weeks down the stretch and missed the playoffs by a point? My point is, Cam Janssen is as much of a stupid thug as Ryan Hollweg.

From St. Louis Game Time:

Coming back from a 3-0 deficit after one period to win 5-4 in a shootout is pretty freaking cool. But it was the Maple Leafs…