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FTB - The Shot Heard Round The World

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Good work on Ian Winwood yesterday ladies and gentlemen. If there's one thing that the Brits know now it's that Leaf fans will find any embarrassing attempt at a professional article and tear it to shreds. Tip of the cap to Ian for having the testicular fortitude to actually respond in the comments but a wag of the finger for entirely missing the point. Maybe if he read Godd Till's blistering riposte he'll get a sense for why we were so aggrieved.

Hopefully yesterday will serve as a lesson to all journalists to avoid putting together a paint by numbers kind of article but that would assume that they had the intelligence to do anything else.

Oh, and here's a guy that we'll be hearing a lot about this season: Fabian Brunnstrom kicks off his career with a hat-trick! Chemmy would like to remind you of something:


Here are some links to read while laughing at another colonial victory over The Empire.