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Game 5: Leafs at Penguins

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The Leafs go to Pittsburgh, hopefully with more vigor than they had in last night's 0-0 snoozefest that was decided in the shootout. Let's hope to see more strong play from Toskala, Hagman, Kulemin, and Schenn tonight.



It seems that Cujo is getting the start in net tonight, so if you squint your eyes you might think it's 2001 all over again.

For opposition coverage head over to PensBurgh, and if you want to get called a jobber, go to The Pensblog.

As far as the SPG, fresh off a five point night for me, here are the standings. Players highlighted in orange may in fact be Nostradamus.

Chemmy 11 points
DarrylKeeping 9 points
floridaLEAF 8 points
Winkle 4 points
loserdomi 3 points
Pension Plan Puppets 3 points
Junior 3 points
1967ers 3 points