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FTB - Game Recap Edition

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It's a super post! Part game recap, part FTB, all sadness. What can be said about last night that wasn't said in the game thread? On the bright side, the game thread was once again a good place to share the pain of watching a Leaf legend get thrown to the wolves (ironic I guess). Thanks to the following people for coming out:

Name # of Posts
Likely 30
loser domi 27
wrap around curl 24
eyebleaf 18
blurr1974 18
LeafFanInVan 13
koopa kid 10
JaredFromLondon 10
MapleLeafs85 6
mf37 3
Chemmy 3
The Muppet 1
leosc 1

Now, back to the task at hand: parsing some good out of that game. It's not that tough of a task. Starting in goal, Curtis Joseph is not, to my knowledge, Andrew Raycroft. As was mentioned in the game thread that means that this was an off night during the preseason as opposed to the regularly expected performance during the regular season.  On the back end, Richard Petiot and Ian White were playing and they won't see the ice in the NHL this year unless all of my eyelash wishes have been wasted. And up front, a thin gruel was served. Actually, that won't change much.

This game did give us, and the Leafs, a glimpse of what will happen to them if they don't come out ready to play. They will get decimated and all of them needed to realize that fact. Hell, they were so dozy they were scored upon eleven seconds into the game. Wilson will have lots of clips to show the team and that's, peversely, what you want from the preseason. Every mistake corrected now saves us the pain of watching it again and again and again later. Also, Ryan Hollweg should learn to fight if he is going to scrap a couple of times a game. Oh, and how to not hit from behind because we all catch a lot of crap already without having him injuring players with dirty hits.

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