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Reading the Tea Leafs: Pavel Kubina

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Contract Status (according to NHL Numbers)
$5M salary, $5M cap hit, UFA July 1, 2010

Age (as of October 1, 2008)
31 - April 15, 1977

NHL Seasons

Run of the mill stats

2007-2008 Stats and Team Ranking

(Scoring rates via Behind The Net)

Counting Stats Total/Rank Category 5-on-5 5-on-4 4-on-5
Games Played 72 - 8 TOI/60 16.15 - 3 3.36 - 5 3.33 - 2
Goals 11 - 8 Pts/60 1.03 - 15 3.97 - 7 0.25 - 6
Assists 29 - 5 GFON/60 2.99 - 5 7.69 - 2 0.75 - 3
Points 40 - 6 GAON/60 2.68 - 15 0.99 - 13 7.00 - 10

Former Leaf he'd have to play like in order to be christened a deity
One part Kaberle, one part Danny Markov, and one part vengeful Russian beast.

Biggest Question Marks
Wil this be the year that Pavel Kubina is finally accepted by Leafs fans?

2007-2008 Summary
Pavel Kubina played awesome, drove offensive results on the powerplay, blocks shots, and was basically all-around awesome for less money than comparable players. He declined to move to San Jose at the deadline in a move that likely would have had a huge impact on the Sharks' playoff results. The Leafs would have also picked up some great assets. *sigh*

Projected 2008-2009 role/team
First pairing defender. Kubina's going to need to lead the way this year if the Leafs have any shot at a successful season. Yeah, ok, they won't have a successful season even if Kaberle plays out of his mind. Basically, he's Kaberle but with a mean streak. In the run up to the trade deadline he'll obviously be a much sought after asset and he'll be asked every day about waiving his NTC. It'll seem like deja vu all over again.