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Alright, it's finally time for the first Battle of Ontario. Montreal will always be our biggest rival but ottawa is currently our fiercest. Or at least, they were until the Leafs stopped their annual springtime tradition of pantsing their supposedly more talented team during the playoffs and both teams traded or bought out all of the most important characters.

Now we're left with a one-line team that missed their window against a rebuilding club that doesn't stop hustling. Maybe we'll see Spezza slash someone in a scrum and glide away, maybe Tomahawk Heatley will try to break someone's ankle but one thing we likely won't see if Chris Neil man up.

Anyway, before the links, here is a reminder of last year's final BoO:

Don't worry Alfie, Bell's down with the Marlies. Of course, Frogren, Schenn, and Finger will all be looking for you...