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Game 8: Maple Leafs v. senators

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Here are the top 10 Battle of Ontario moments. This is a couple of years old so the Bell hit isn' at number one. The top ranked one from the video is a great memory. I was in Copenhagen on exchange and all of the exiled Leaf fans (odd, there weren't any exiled fans of other teams...) found a pub whose manager was from...Orillia. Needless to say, he had the game one. Sure, it was live music night but I like to think that the Danes enjoyed our upper deck cheering and I know that the hot singer loved it when we cheered her singing.

Anyway, this is your official game thread and hopefully we'll have another good memory tonight. Maybe Schenn's first NHL goal? Oh yeah, as if we could for...get...the a...(mic cuts out) cuts out)...tor!


Everyone hates the Senators. Remember kids, don't accept a ride home from Dany Heatley.