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Pat Quinn Speaks to Pension Plan Puppets

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail with a subject line fit to make a Leafs fan's jaw hit the floor:

Pat Quinn - Interview Opportunity

After some back and forth with a PR company and Pat's agent the initial e-mail interview morphed into a phone interview. Like any good pretend journalist I purchased a digital recorder, the accompanying cords, and then saw the best laid plans of mice and men shattered. Luckily, I took tonnes of notes. I tried to copy down as many direct quotes as possible. As for the rest, I'll try to present the thoughts and issues that Pat Quinn raised less the "umms" and "uhhhs" and other nervy time-killers that I stammered out while trying not to gush out how much I loved his time with the Leafs and about what a raw deal he got from JFJ.

A special thanks to MF37, Down Goes Brown, and Chemmy for helping me formulate the original slate of questions. And of course a huge thank you to Pat Quinn for agreeing to speak to me even after confirming that I was a blogger and for doing the interview by phone so that I could stay in my pyjamas in my mother's basement.

The Leafs' former GM and Coach Pat Quinn and I talked about his health, work with Making The Connection, Luke Schenn, and, of course, the Maple Leafs. The interview is split into three parts. Without further ado, my conversation with Pat Quinn:

  1. On Making The Connection and why it's never to early to look after your heart.
  2. On Hockey Canada, Luke Schenn, and working with young players.
  3. On the Toronto media environment, good dressing rooms, and the importance of drafting and developing players in a salary capped world.