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FTB - The End of the Leafs Edition

It's premature and just wrong to label Stamkos a failure. His potential is immense, and like the Leafs' Luke Schenn, he's being rushed into prime time as proof to the fans the future is bright for his NHL club.

Hey look! It's the end of the world! While Stamkos is going down the road to Bust Land comparing his 11 minutes average ice-time (and 6:05 one night!) is a far cry from Our Luke and Saviour's team leading even strength and penalty-killing ice-time. But let's not let those facts keep the mittenstringers from unloading on the Leafs and fans for having that pesky trait known as hope for the future. TSM notes that Howie is, of course, stupid. There is no sugarcoating it. The man is a moron and I want to say it to his face. Kim Jorn does manage to find a glimmer of hope in Working Class Howard's latest screed: 2% of us are not kool-aid guzzlers.

Anyway, other links to read while wondering how these idiots have jobs: