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Preseason Game 7

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The game is of course on the official station of Leafs Nation so most of you are SOL. The free online preview of LeafsTV Interactive is, predictably, swamped and useless but this post comes to the rescue. Plus, there are some very cool pictures of 1967ers old radio.

Holmstrom and Chelios are out with injuries which means that the ugly quotient on the game has been reduced by about 78% and that's 98% due to the absence of the NHL's ugliest player since Mike Ricci. For Detroit reaction check out SBN's Winging It In Motown and see how the model franchise is run.

Holy crap! One of my buddies was insistent that the solution to the Bryan McCabe problem was to toss him up on the wing and keep him as far from the back end as possible. He could still play on the powerplay and quarterback it and defend much better than Alfredsson.

Here's what happened the last time these two teams played:

Oh, and this article explains why sports fans are insistent that what they do affects the outcome of games: we're nuts. Actually, that's not true because by wearing my Steven Gerrard Liverpool shirt and Adidas Liverpool jacket I have ensured that the Reds keep a undefeated season going so far. Sorry Godd, Robinho doesn't play defence and Fernando Torres will show why he's a golden god in Merseyside.