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Game Recap: Leafs 6 Devils 5 (SO)

"We're in ur rink, ruinin' ur nites"

"Shaving accident" 

"What. Is. That?"
"Is it a UFO?"
"I think it's a UFO."

"You have weird looking gloves. I'm going to high five your face instead." 

"Smokescreen! Ha ha ha I win again!"

Here's your spam king comment breakdown:

Name # of Posts
Winkle 482
loser domi 239
blurr1974 186
Karina 158
MapleLeafs85 110
dare_ 77
JaredFromLondon 68
Chemmy 40
eyebleaf 38
PPP 35
general borschevsky 24
bkblades 23
LeafFanInVan 21
TorontoPassion 18
Godd Till 15
Ando Rich 10
Archimedies 5
Blez 2
lordosis 1

I'm considering giving the award to Winkle. I don't think any of you are ever catching up.