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Preseason Game 8

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Pre-Game: 7:00 PM, Leafs TV
Broadcast: 7:30 PM, Leafs TV,
AM640, Leafs TV Interactive, JTV Sports
10 PM, Leafs TV
Post Video:

He must have done something? The only thing Probert needed to get out of control was a sniff of the good stuff or news that he wasn't going to get any.

This is likely every bubble player's last chance to make an impression on the coaching staff. The decisions are likely close to being set in stone but one last quality performance could help move those that are on the precipice of being sent to the Marlies.

The only line-up news I was able to find was that White will play forward and CuJo will start in net. Let's see if he can set a new record for most time played from the beginning of the game without allowing a goal. Luke Schenn should be back in the lineup so maybe we can see this again: