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Leafs 3 v. Red Wings 4: Reaction Open Thread

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Well, I ended up  missing this game in favour of watching Toronto FC continue to give me a ray of hope of seeing a team in the playoffs this year. A huge 3-1 win over the New York Red Bulls keeps them in the hunt although it will require running the table, getting help, and some human sacrifices. Sound familiar?

So this is an open thread for recaps. Toss out your best performers, your worst performers, and any other impressions of the game. From the game thread it sounds like Poni might need to find a pair of hands before the pitchfork wielding mob catches up to him, CuJo is starting to worry some of us, and Jason Blake is confusing us by looking like the player that we hated when he was an Islander as opposed to the player we hated last night.

So have at it.

Thanks to everyone that took part in the game thread. Based on the participation during preseason games it looks like these threads will be a great place to be during the games. Cheers!

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loser domi 30
Likely 22
Baroque 20
lordosis 17
JaredFromLondon 12
bkblades 5
wrap around curl 3
LeafFanInVan 2