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Negative Nancy Notebook - It's Going to be a Long Season

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The Wings took the lead early in the second on a shot Leafs goalie Curtis Joseph would like to have back. - The Star

Lest we be accused of being overwhelmingly pro Leaf, today's NNN posits that perhaps today the Star isn't negative enough. Curtis Joseph better have wanted all of the goals yesterday back. My favorite was the aforementioned shot by Mursak, but really all of the other soft goals that had Cujo going the wrong way were pretty funny as well.

Toronto (2-5-1) carried the play in an opening period that saw the teams exchange goals, but failed to register a shot on goal in the middle period.

Good things happen when you go to the net and shoot and wait hold on. Zero shots? The entire team, nobody could get a puck on net from center ice? Nothing? A clearing attempt didn't dribble into Osgood?

Good gravy the Wings didn't have Lidstrom, Zetterberg, Holmstrom, or Datsyuk and Toronto didn't get a shot on goal in a third of the game? Ooooooh boy.

After going scoreless in his first four pre-season games, Blake's output offered a glimmer of hope that his miserable first year in Toronto will be succeeded by a much more productive campaign this season. - TSN

Important note: Blake and Grabovski are going to disappear in the regular season. Playing against AHLers in the preseason and playing against actual NHL teams in the regular season are completely different beasts.

That makes Cujo's absolute terribleness even worse. I need to go lie down. It's going to be a long year.