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FTB - Now What? Edition

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So the preseason is over and now we wait to figure out who is sticking around. Paul Hunter makes his guesses and notes that a quintet of guys have been sent to the Marlies (no surprises). Reality and his guesses have been close to what I predicted so far. If that keeps up I'll be shocked since Fletcher is so damn unpredictable. The big question is whether the Son of Wendel will remain with the team and for how long. There are a couple of articles up by Damien Cox that I would link to but they are actually such garbage and so filled with his petty little vendettas (which is totally different from bloggers cutting him up all of the time) that I can only do one thing: Send out the BlocSignal and hope that skewering Damien will give Godd a distraction from the weekend's best comeback.

  • Steve points out Howard Berger's fuzzy math which goes along with his fuzzy logic and fuzzy soup strainer.
  • Oh and some douchebag ripped Steve off (the article has since been taken down) and pled ignorance on proper linking technique. Sounds like a BS excuse for someone running a forum. Never post a link here from that website please and thank you.
  • Ron Guillet wants us to take an optimistic view on the season. Easier said than done.
  • LD's got some LOLeafs up.
  • Here's video of the hit on Jason Blake that we all missed when the stream froze. Good to see the Leafs come to the rescue but bad to see that Poni's been getting fighting lessons from Ryan Hollweg.
  • DGB follows up on the potential Ryan deal with a great analogy.

Thanks to everyone that came out for the game thread. It was another good dry run before opening night on Thursday. Holy crap the season starts Thursday!

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