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Negative Nancy Notebook: The MSM Previews the 08-09 Leafs

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Here's a quick roundup of Leafs season previews from the "major players" in sports. If there are any missing, link them in the comments and I'll take credit for finding them.

Parting Shot: Even in rebuilding mode, the direction of this Leaf team is tough to figure out. While dreams of John Tavares or Victor Hedman are dancing in the heads of giddy Leaf fans, Wilson - who coached Cup contenders in Washington and San Jose - will be the first to tell anyone that he wasn't hired to tank the season for the sake of getting a high draft pick.

TSN feels about how I feel. Though I think on paper this team stinks, there are a lot of guys who want to win. Hand Knit was talking to me on AIM yesterday saying that this Leafs team reminded him of the Buffalo Sabres right after the lockout; a speedy team that everyone thought would be terrible.

The Toronto Maple Leafs open their season Thursday versus Detroit in a building where they are likely to not just lose, but be exposed for what they are.

What they are is a team seemingly destined to miss the playoffs for a franchise record fourth consecutive year.

Well we already lost. Time to put your jerseys away and wait for 09-10 Leafs fans. Not only is Sportsnet terrible, they're terrible enough that I'm considering applying for Jim Kelley's job. I write could write horrible drivel like that all day long.

**Breaking News: According to the Ottawa Sun: Senators owner Eugene Melnyk has told Mats Sundin he wants him on his team.**

Breaking news: Mats Sundin had more points than Marian Hossa last year, who was this summer's biggest UFA signing. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that there are 30 teams in the NHL who would like to sign Sundin to a one year deal.


Toronto might not be the Hindenburg on skates.



It looks like a tank job, even with Ron Wilson at the helm, and I fully expect to see anything resembling a veteran tossed overboard come the trade deadline. It could get ugly — although that's probably not a bad idea. Key player: John Tavares

Mirtle has Toronto at 14th in the East, he's probably right. At least he thinks we'll win the draft lottery!

Puck Daddy:

And this is, to put it bluntly, an expansion-level collection of maybes and have-nots that are wearing the uniform of an Original Six team in one of the league's major media markets.

Upon closer scrutiny, this would appear to be correct.

we read Pension Plan Puppets religiously

Wyshynski, you still stink.