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NNN: Burn Baby Burn

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I'd like to start by mentioning the Flames' goal horn. I love how after the horn blast they start playing Disco Inferno, because it's considerably better than pumped in techno or nu metal garbage. I don't love how their horn blasts for five consecutive minutes after each goal, for a horn blast that can only be described as "positively Atlanta-like". (The Thrashers' blow their goal horn for weeks after each goal.)

Excellent Flames/Oilers blog The Battle of Alberta didn't have a game recap up yet, but they did have this morsel:

The one thing that stood out to me was how physical the BJs were. And I don't exactly mean that they were willing to finish their checks, or that they were intent on punishing guys in the corners.

That's what she said. I don't know how those gents like their oral sex, but count me out.

Just like their cousins at the BoA, the sexily named "Five Hole Fanatics" also didn't have a game recap up, which makes writing a negative nancy article difficult. I wanted to make fun of them for scoring on themselves (bow chicka wow wow) in the third with Toronto's goalie pulled.

Luckily for us the Toronto Star exists!

The close score was flattering to the Leafs, who put in 10 strong minutes in the first period and five good ones in the final part of the third period.

Five good games so far this season have actually made sports writers forget that the Leafs are rebuilding.

The Leafs' last trip through Western Canada proved disastrous. The Leafs lost 1-0 to Calgary on Jan. 6, 2006. They they lost Bryan McCabe to a groin injury in a win the following night in Edmonton to move to nine games over .500.

Disastrous? A 1-0 loss? Oh, I guess they mean McCabe. Well, he's gone and things are going sort of ok.

On a side note: I think everyone in Toronto is hoping Jason Blake hurts his groin and never plays again. (His salary won't count against Toronto's cap hit if he retires people, let's start a grassroots campaign to convince Blake to just relax.)