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There is nothing sweeter than a big win in the opposition's barn and a lovely rendition of "Goodbye" to remind those smug fans that while their team might have the media on its knees the Leafs just handed them an L.

Someone was reading the discussion in Likely's fanpost because tonight's Jason Blake is probably the closest I have seen to the one that I thought the Leafs were signing two summers ago. He not only killed penalties but he used his speed to create chances and, this is the shocking part, made passes to set up great chances.

Also impressing was Mikhail Grabovski who sometimes looks like the university kids in high school alumni games. I love it when the puck is loose and he just swoops in from wherever to grab it.

Anyway, I'll have more tomorrow but here are some quotations from Oilers Nation to laugh about tonight:

Why do they keep showing all of those leafs fans? I am tempted to throw my pilsner bottle through the tv

Because we are everywhere!

The leafs have absolutely nothing so far. They can barely get it through the neutral zone. This is going to get really chippy if the score gets out of hand. EXCITING!

Oh, it got ugly. Rule # 1: never trash talk early.


turnover ends up in the net

Did Wendel Clark just score?

That's it! Wendel is taking over White's body hence the mustache.

The Silverfox ™ will let his team know what needs to be done in the third. They will come out swinging.

The Silver Fox is Cliff Fletcher motherf*cker and he built the team that showed your chump team up.

I hope a solid amount of Leaf fans get beat up at an LRT station tonight.

Considering they'll outnumber the Oilers fans I think we can guess who'll be getting beat up...