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NNN: Grabovski Discovers Renewable Energy, Destroys Oil

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Rexall is going to packed to the rafters with patently obnoxious Leafers tonight. The Oilers would do well to silence them early en route to a... oh, I don't know... 7-2 win. Gonna be a blowout, kids. Keep your heads up out there! - Covered in Oil

All of that oil must have obscured CiO's view into the future, unless of course he was predicting a 7-2 Leafs win and the silence of fans living in Canada's Texas.

As for the game there are several things going against the Oilers tonight. First game back after a road trip is a tough game, the Leafs are way better than expected and the kid in net (if he plays) cannot sustain the Bernie Parent calibre goaltending. - Lowetide

A tip of the cap to you sir, I knew Leafs and Oilers fans could get along.

"We were competing hard, we were winning a lot of the battles. Then we took some penalties at the start of the second and for some reason we lost our energy and our intensity. They started to compete and they started to win the battles that we were winning in the first." - Edmonton Sun

It's a clever plan we've got worked up where the Leafs intentionally play like shit for a period to lull you into a false sense of security, then Grabovski wakes up from his afternoon nap and it's on.

But Toronto, spurred on by thousands of Easterners in Leafs sweaters who came here looking for work in the 80s, fought back in the second period, scoring two power-play goals just 1:45 apart. Tomas Kaberle tied it at 2:47 and Nikolai Kulemin made it 2-1 at 4:32.

In the 80s NHL teams went to Edmonton to play against a contender, it's weird how things change.