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Negative Nancy Notebook: Hippies 4 Maple Leafs 2

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Last night's game between the Maple Leafs and Canucks could also have been called Hockey Night In Punjab.

"Ice in Punjabi is `barf,'" said Parminder Singh. "What are we supposed to say: `He barfed the puck?'

"So we stuck with the English term," said Harnarayan Singh.

Kevin McGran

I think that they have mistranslated barf into English.

Considering the Leafs are now a laughable 0-for-14 this season with a two-man advantage, it's that power outage that will stay stuck in the mind.

Ben Kuzma

Yeah, they got it wrong because it's the Leafs' powerplay that is barf. Icing is just icing. But wait, who is Ben Kuzma?

was it the fact former teammate Kyle Wellwood schooled him on the game's first goal to help propel the Vancouver Canucks to a convincing 4-2 victory?

Oh, he writes for the Vancouver Province. No wonder he thinks Convincing? I guess that's one way to describe a win in which your team only got 15 shots on goal. It was convincing if you just ate a plate of magic mushrooms at Gregory Robertson's victory party.

Ex-Leaf Kyle Wellwood re-directed a centring pass from Pavol Demitra at the 7:13 mark of the first. Wellwood and Demitra then combined on the second Canuck goal as they set up Mattias Ohlund for an open point shot on the power play. Ryan Kesler buried the juicy rebound at the 18:02 mark.

Elliott "The Smear" Pap

Was there any doubt in anyone's mind that Stay-Puff was going to get at least a goal? The good news is that that little rat bastard will never survive the Christmas break once he eats his own 25 pound turkey.

Having just been given the hook by coach Ron Wilson midway through the second period, Vesa Toskala peered up at the scoreboard, shrugged his shoulders, then plopped his butt on the Maple Leafs bench.

"I actually felt really good," Toskala said later. "I guess that's what sucks the most."

Mike Zeisberger

Vesa, old buddy, old pal, your feelings are broken. It looks like Ronny won't give you the old Jason Blake treatment...yet. But if the Leafs are going to trade you for big assets then you need to help us out. If you love Toronto you can't think that playing bad will help. And remember that Brian Burke is on the way and he sent Bryzgalov to Phoenix so if you don't want to end up in Tampa or Long Island you better step things up.

It became 0-for-14 after a much shorter 5-on-3 situation in the second period.

"I'm going to change up some of the people who play on the 5-on-3," said Leafs coach Ron Wilson.

"Some of the shots we take from the point make no sense to me at all.

"We've got to try to work the puck low. We're taking needless shots that get blocked."

Kevin McGran

Seriously, that cannot be said enough. 0 for 14 is embarrassing. Just like losing to the Canucks.