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FTB - Housekeeping Edition

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So as we like to make it pretty clear around these parts a big part of why we enjoy running this site is that you guys are good people. More often than not we're either laughing at a great joke or learning something from a fanpost or comment. Game Threads are the perfect embodiment of the online sports bar with topics running the gamut of topics. And that's one thing we don't want to change. But...

The fact that you guys come here to chit chat during the day or night or early morning or any time of day is pretty cool. However, sometimes it gets really off-topic and the resulting flood of comments can slow down the comments in those threads and hit a bit too close to NSFW for some people's comfort. On the other hand, we don't want to discourage you from getting to know the rest of the community so we have installed Loser Domi in the role of Minister of Chit Chat. Her duties will involve posting a fanshot titled Chitty Chatty Bang Bang (Chemmy's brainchild) which will hopefully serve as a catch-all for all of the comments that don't really discuss the post at hand. Plus, now Winkle knows that all attempts at getting him fired are in one easily avoidable thread.

Of course, Game Threads remain the awesome free-for-all (within reason) that they have always been. Any questions or concerns can go in this thread. Now, onto the links: