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FTB - Forgetful Edition

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I got a digital recorder for my interview with Pat Quinn and of course I hooked it up incorrectly so I have nothing but my sweet sweet memories to remind me of the day he came my BFF. I should probably start carrying it around because I tend to see things or think of things that I want to mention and I subsequently forget because there is just too much awesome in my head. Thank God I listen to the radio in the morning because that's how I remembered that Georges St. Pierre, BJ Penn, and Dana White were at the game Monday night.

Now, as DGB has pointed out, it's common practice to give the celebrities in town or on stage a local sports jersey to pump up the crowd. Obviously, no famous person except washed up rappers like Belly actually like the senators. So during the game they had GSP pump up the crowd in a Leafs jersey. I mentioned to my buddy that he should be glad that the game wasn't being broadcast in Montreal. Then an astute cameraman caught him ripping off his jersey like it was a diseased blanket from an Englishman. The boos were lusty but safe for work. Dana White and BJ Penn did a much better job of pumping up the crowd and not getting caught on camera rending their garments so I hope BJ Penn drills GSP.

Oh, and there were two odd jerseys among the sea of Leafs shirts. One dumb and the other funny:

  • 13 with "The Big Swede" - Dude, it's not a copyright infringement to use his name.
  • 67 with "Overdue" - That's either a fed up fan or a guy determined to throw a gag gift back in the sender's face.

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