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Karma Catches Up With Toronto

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Holding on to a 3-1 lead Toronto gave up three goals in three minutes in the second period en route to losing 6-4 to Carolina.

Good effort by the Leafs in the last half of the third, but Toronto looked really complacent with the 3-1 lead and it came back to burn them.

Some quick hits about the game:

  • Curtis Joseph looks like a 41 year old goaltender out there, he's completely out of his league. With Toskala in net this is an easy two points for the Leafs. Toronto should consider demoting Joseph to the Marlies and bringing in another backup.
  • It worked for and against both teams, but the ice in Raleigh was atrocious tonight, probably due to it being covered up for the NC State Fair.
  • The five on three that Carolina capitalized on happened on two absolutely marginal calls, Colaiacovo's "closed hand on puck" and a Kubina "trip" that no one saw.
  • Grabovski had a pair of beauties, White's goal to open the game was a great play, and Hagman slamming a bouncing puck off the far post and in was jaw dropping.

Thanks to everyone who came out and commented. Blah.

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