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FTB - Two Sleeps To Wendel Day

"Every single day, you ask the same questions. You know the amazing thing? You've never asked me once about what we're doing in practice. 'What was that drill?' No one's ever asked that. It's always, 'What's Jason Blake going to do tomorrow? Where's Brian Burke having dinner tonight?' You don't really talk about the actual X's and O's of the game. I find that kind of strange. So, then I wonder, maybe you don't ask those questions because maybe you don't understand."

Damien Cox, ESPN

 TSM points out the obvious: At no point in the follow-up does Damien reply about the media's knowledge. Instead, he tries to say that the media isn't nasty in Toronto (laughable) and that Ron Wilson will go crazy. Sure he will, with nasty know-nothings like you asking him questions. I just hope he doesn't hit any innocent bystanders during his rampage.

  • Wendel Moment # 3 features what might be the hardest hit of all-time. And by might I mean that there is no doubt in my mind that Wendel made Bruce Bell's insides blow up and healed him when he pointed at him. Also, pre-emptive congratulation to DGB for getting picked up by The Score. Very well deserved and embiggening.
  • Oh God this is so great.
  • Richard-Steven Williams had indecisive parents. His predictions for the early stages of the Burke Era are anything but wavering.
  • The dollar is really weak again. Not super weak but the heady days of parity are long gone. I think that this might be the reason that the Habs were in financial trouble during the 'Fans Exodus' Era. It sure sounds that way listening to Pierre Boivin the president at the time. Tom Luongo at FanHouse has more.
  • I really like this idea.
  • Andy Grabia found out the best time to conceive your future NHLer.