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So Phases I and II of SBN's roll-out of blog toys is outlined here and if you've been to the frontpage in the last 10 minutes you've probably seen some stuff jumping all over the place. These widgets (computer people make the nerdiest words) are part of Phase III of the master plan to make Pension Plan Puppets the first site you'll visit for all of your Leafs news.

Most of the stuff is self-explanatory but I just wanted to bring your attention to the red stars that are beside teams' names in some places. These indicate that there is an SBN site for those teams. So far 10 teams are covered. If you visit From The Rink you'll see that Mirtle has put some teasers up about the number of sites that have signed up and are in development. There are at least two that will give his mission of filling out the roster some serious momentum. Anyway, explore the new toys and enjoy.