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Game Recap: Atlanta 6 Toronto 3

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Final - 11.25.2008 1 2 3 Total
Atlanta Thrashers 1 3 2 6
Toronto Maple Leafs 0 1 2 3

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The good thing about this game is that Lee Stempniak is the real deal. He was all over the ice and probably stole Alexei Ponikarovsky's job skating next to Stajan and Antropov in a single period of play. Ian White getting under Kovalchuk's skin all night was somewhat amusing. The power play went 1/5 at least, 20% on the PP is pretty good.

The bad things about this game are pretty much everything else. On Thorburn's goal, Mitchell backed into CuJo leaving the net wide open. CuJo let in at least two complete softies, and Kovalchuk's goal was a wrist shot from above the circles. He also allowed six goals on 30 shots, for a nice round .800SV%. The defense did a poor job clearing the front of the net. The penalty kill went 3/4, which sadly is better than average for Toronto.

This might be the ugliest game the Leafs have played in the Wilson era. Toronto's defense and goaltending needs to step up and play at replacement level.

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