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FTB - Shootouts Are Gimmicks

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Last night is a good illustration of why the shootout is a stupid gimmick. The Leafs basically shut down the senators only three forwards. After a night of them showing off their latest trick (now disappearing in November!) they got three uncontested attempts at Vesa. Speaking of Toskala, he was awesome. And speaking of awesome, here is video of Luke Schenn erasing Antoine Vermette

Here are some links. Game recap will be up later.

  • TSM is right. Can the media please just wait until it's a done deal. Bloggers can't react if you're lurching around in the dark trying to outdo each other with an embarrassing set of misfires.
  • DGB looks at the Top 5 Worst Enforcers in Leafs history. Wooderson is two and some nutjob is number one. Where does Deveaux stand? No idea because Jarkko Ruutu's fit this description.
  • The General has a blow by blow recap of last night's game.
  • Tim Wharnsby has a profile on Burke.
  • Did Vesa turn the corner thanks to my support in last night's point/counterpoint or in order to spite Chemmy? Either way, Steve;s happy and has some good news about Mr. Pogge.
  • I am betting that the first parade joke comes Saturday during the Satellite Hot Stove.
  • Lyle Richardson has a stirring defence of Brian Burke that's worth a read.
  • Did you know that they actively try to limit fun in ottawa? Well DGB went to the game last night and apparently it's true. His marketing observation is bang on too.
  • Oh and Damien Cox wrote an article that veers from the typical to the surprising in which he actually explains how Burke rebuilt the Canucks. Hint: it took lots of time.
  • And for those that got lost, Chatty Cathy is in the right-hand sidebar under fanshots which is its home.