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NNN: Coattailers Have No Guts

It's the 14th time in 21 regular-season games the Senators have been held to two goals or less. It's no coincidence the club has a 3-11 record in those games.

Bruce Garrioch, Ottawa Sun

Hey, remember a few years ago when Leafs fans would tell sens fans that their team's terrible record in one goal games meant that they had no heart or clutch players. Remember how we were right? Well, senators fans, do you know what that stat means? You still have no secondary scoring and the top line is playing hide-and-seek in November rather than waiting for April and early May. That's bad.

The Leafs deserve credit. What they lack in talent, they make up for in hard work and when they did give up chances, Toskala stood tall.

The senators deserve credit. What they lack in talent, they sometimes make up for in hard work and when they did give up chances last night, Auld stood tall which is frustrating because he normally stinks.

Burke and Wilson, good pals and former hockey teammates at Providence College, colourful USA Hockey cowboys running the most famous hockey organization in English Canada. Just picture these two media hounds tossing gasoline on the embers of a once-great rivalry like Ottawa and Toronto.

The possibilities are enormous.

Wayne Scanlan, Ottawa Citizen

What a surprise. People in Ottawa are hoping to ride the Leafs' rebuild back to relevance. Dear Ottawa, no one cares about you.

It was a moment to sum up much of the Senators' first weeks of the season. In the second period, Heatley took a pass from Spezza and ripped a one-timer at Vesa Toskala. When he saw the Leafs goaltender make the save, Heatley swung his stick at the boards in frustration, a full two-hander, then finished off the stick at the bench.

That was the biggest hissy fit since the last time Naomi Campbell went through airport security. Normally when Heatley is splitting something in half the price tag is in six figures.

Holy crap that sucked. Holy crap that was sweet. Live blogging is hard. Brian Burke is now officially second guessing himself. And who's the bag of dicks who told Toskala he's a real goalie?!?!

Senators Lost Cojones, Five For Smiting

It should have been a mostly sucky game for the sens as they struggled to beat a team that is in complete teardown mode while they are supposedly retooling for a run at the Cup. Unless that run is going to end at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto they might as well put away the jogging shorts.

The Sens have found success since they started growing mustaches.

The Senate Committee

The only success that the senators have found is in most resembling pedophiles. If Nick Foligno had to go to a community event with the glued on pubes that he calls a moustache someone would call the police. My fake Wendel moustache looked better than Chris Kelly's Rosie O'Donnell-like upper lip shadow.

No eruptions last night, but there were quakes of things to come. Ruutu decided that 6’4 Andre Deveaux, a brute recalled from the AHL to make his NHL debut last night, needed to be properly welcomed, tugging at him while sitting on the bench when Deveaux skated by, and pestering him on the ice, though he did not drop the gloves when Deveaux beckoned him.


It's tough for any eruptions to happen when the sens only fighters were a kid from the AHL that apparently was unaware of his duties and a player so detestable and spineless that even Sean Avery thinks that he's a huge douchebag. Dear Jarkko, if you are going to yap and stick your ugly mug in the face of the Leafs' fighters please have the testicular fortitue to drop the gloves and man up or admit that you are scared. Either way, shut your fucking trap before it gets wired shut.

The glove dropping was left to Dominic Moore, who took exception to Smith’s high hands on a hit behind the Leafs’ net, though Smith could have destroyed Moore with what ended up as little more than a nuisance hit. Smith, never one to back down, followed Moore in dropping his gloves, but only let him attempt a few jabs before hulking him to the ice to have a chat with the youngster.

Good on Moore for not taking any shit from Jason Smith. Also, good on Jason Smith for not killing Moore. That's leftover class from his time in Toronto and Edmonton because it's not rubbing off on him by being a senator.