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NNN: No One in the South Cares About Hockey

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When Helminen’s goal tied the game barely a minute later, The Wizard was jumping up and down on the bench like a little schoolgirl.  He was probably the happiest guy in the building for some reason. - Red and Black Hockey

Until the loud siren, flashing lights, Gary Glitter songs and "GOAL!" screen on the jumbotron started up, "The Wizard" was the only person not on the ice celebrating that goal in the state of North Carolina.

The three stars given by the Canes teevee crew were Ray Whitney (third), Chad LaRose (second) and Dwight Helminen (first).  The “official” three stars went to Dennis Seidenberg (third), Tuomo Ruutu (second) and Dwight Helminen (first).

Granted the three stars are absolutely meaningless, but generally you toss at least one of them to the visitors if say, someone on the visiting team picks up a pair. Watching the Hurricanes feed (note to Center Ice: no one wants to see a Southeast team's broadcast, thanks), the announcers didn't even know the names of the Leafs players, but their TV crew probably knows who the three most important people on the ice were.

I should cut them some slack, it's probably difficult for them to pick #3 after it being retired for Dale Earnhardt.

Mikhail Grabovski netted a pair of goals for the Maple Leafs, who lost for the second time in the last six games. - TSN

Wha? Why so negative? This is an obvious "glass half empty" statement. I'm as frustrated as anyone that the Leafs can blast the Devils and the Rangers and lay two turds against Tampa and then Carolina, but the Leafs are doing ok for a team unanimously picked to finish almost dead last.

The Maple Leafs again showcased their determination – and possibly a couple of defencemen – here yesterday. But the Comeback Kids were out of heroics. - The Star

Why what a surprise, the Star is down on the Leafs too. Yes sir, after posting two come back wins in their last two games, the Leafs ran out of magic and stunk up the joint because they're losers, and you read it here first at The Star.

If anyone out there subscribes to The Star to read the sports section, email me with whatever your subscription rate is. For half of what you pay them, every day I'll mail you a letter that says "The Leafs stink and you're an asshole for watching them".