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FTB - We're Guardians

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Fellow Golden Gael Andrew Bucholtz decided to psychoanalyze some of his frequent internet haunts. In a pretty interesting article he scanned this site and turns out that we are Guardians. What does that mean?

"The organizing and efficient type. They are especially attuned to setting goals and managing available resources to get the job done. Once they´ve made up their mind on something, it can be quite difficult to convince otherwise. They listen to hard facts and can have a hard time accepting new or innovative ways of doing things.

The Guardians are often happy working in highly structured work environments where everyone knows the rules of the job. They respect authority and are loyal team players."

Here is the brain scan for that grouping:


I would probably think that I am a more idealistic person so I blame Chemmy. Then again, we have got a reputation as realistic Leaf fans in the blogosphere so the brain scan could be right.

Anyway, on to the links: