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FTB - Investigative Journalism Edition

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It wasn't by me of course but the boss man James Mirtle. Steve had taken a look at the penalty kill's recent uptick in efficiency and James spoke with Rob Zettler about what adjustments the team had made from the early going. One of the most notable moves as getting Kaberle off the PK which has taken a chunk out of his ice-time. What was one of the most important moves? Putting the Soviet Bloc front and centre:

The biggest team in the NHL last season and again this year, San Jose had success with big bodies such as Mike Grier and Patrick Rissmiller killing penalties at forward, and having Antropov and Ponikarovsky involved would seem to follow a similar train of thought. Antropov has played 16 minutes on the penalty kill this season and has yet to be scored on, while Ponikarovsky has played close to 19 minutes with only one goal going in.

Damn right. Don't trade Antropov.

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