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FTB: Your Mathematical Mind

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Welcome to Tuesday, December 16, an interesting date in history.

Arthur C. Clarke celebrates his 90th today.

If Beethoven were still alive, he would turn 238 (and be desperately clawing at the inside of his casket). It's also Jane Austen's birthday, she'd be 233. (I feel about 233 years old when Mrs. MF37 fires up the multi-DVD set of Pride and Prejudice, although it must be said that Colin Firth can really work a sweater).

Also on this date in history, the Boston tea party took place as American colonists boarded British ships and dumped more than 300 chests of tea overboard to protest tea taxes. To keep this hockey relevant, please hit up the comments and submit your design for a Bruins third jersey featuring a tea-bagging bear to commemorate this historic event (be very careful if you're going to hit google up for inspiration on this one).

Ok. Enough history and lame jokes.

Can you tell it's quiet out there in the land of hockey? Seriously. No games since Friday's win in Buffalo; a moratorium on player transactions until the New Year; Leafs GM speculation done, coaching solidified...I'm worried if things don't pick up I'll have to read the local sports pages or talk about potential destinations for Mats Sundin. Ugh.

Even though there seems to be paucity of compelling items in Leaf land, there' is some really great content out there on the blogs just waiting for an insightful comment, a joke or a note of thanks from readers like you.

To the comments!