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FTB - Wyshinski's Team Stinks Too!

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It feels good to have watched a Leafs team that can play some defence. Of course, they pulled this same trick last year at around the same time so we'll see if they manage to continue flying high.

Speaking of flying high, on today's date in 1903 the Wright brothers took flight for the first time in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Nothing important happened in Carolina since then except for a Habs loss last night. So much for winning the conference.

A dark period in history took place in 1944 as the US Congress agreed to intern Japanese-Americans. Somehow they still have not been able to get Congress to agree to intern Flyers fans. Not that you ever hear about that period in US history as the only person as intent on re-writing the history books as the US government is Gary Bettman with his shady points system. Sharks fans (or the Japanese in this analogy which is kind of ironic) want the truth out: the Sharks are awesome.

Another World War II moment comes by way of the Hawaiian Islands where, on this date in history, the commander of Pearl Harbour was canned. Good thing they waited eleven days to figure out that it was time to rebuild. At least one senators fan seems to have finally clued into the surprise awaiting that fanbase: the sens suck.

Ok, onto the easy part, the links:

  • Alec has some thoughts on last night's game. Sure, Sifers finally stopped being invisible on that first pinch (PINCH PINCH PINCH!! as Maguire would say it) but the defence settled down afterwards.
  • Holy crap! It's one week to Christmas. What do you get the Leaf fan that has...stuff? Well, for the discerning fan DGB can provide a short-list of things for the Leaf fan in your life.
  • Clear the track! It's Eddie Shack!...bleeding in a picture on a pretty neat site. Where are all of these coming from?
  • World War I wasn't the end of the world but this news could be a precursor for a lot of trouble in the NHL. Thank God the Leafs have cleard so much cap space.
  • TSM took the Berger quotation and ran with it. Apparently Mike Toth doesn't watch sports either. Do their bosses know that these guys are pretending to be informed and collecting paycheques just to talk out of their asses? I wonder if Greg Brady watches any hockey.
  • TSM has a bunch of thoughts including one that just put him on Chemmy's shit-list. Can you guess which one it is?
  • Steve wonders who will go where when players start coming back from injuries. He thinks Sifers might have gotten himself in some trouble with his, you got it, PINCH PINCH PINCH!
  • Greener wonders when Williams can expect to be sent down. Read the first comment. I think Connie just came on to Greener.
  • There's a new Till Bits. I know, I thought that they were dead too. Anyway, the Rogers and Tim Horton's commercials can't hold a candle to the Canadian Tire ones with the douche neighbour.