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FTB: When is a Swede not a turnip?

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The Leafs may have played in Boston last night, but that messy game isn't what Leaf fans are writing about this morning. No, the big news is Mats Sundin finally made a decision and signed a one-year deal with the Canucks.

The reaction from Leafs Nation runs the gamut from Anger to indifference.

Not since two Star Trek fans were nominated for a Hugo Award in 1974, shocking the science fiction community and leading to the creation of stand-alone Star Trek conventions, has a nation been so divided.

After the jump, a true From the Branches (FTB) update as we take the temperature of Leaf fans...

Here's the reaction from Leaf blogs:

From Vancover (which seems to be a little hung-over after the Linden ceremony; so many blogs, so few aware of the Mats signing. I'm sure this will be added to throughout the day as the West Coast wakes up)

From the Rangers:

And the take from the neutral corner:

 Sure to updated throughout the day...hit us up if we missed one or if you want to talk about last night's game. Anyone think it was Cujo's last as game as a Leaf - be interesting and somewhat fitting if he and Mats had things come to an end on the same day...