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Oh yeah, there was a game last night...

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So obviously there was some biggers news last night but here's a combination negative nancy notebook and game recap because I feel too betrayed to do more. MF37 is right about being glad I missed the MacDonald, Sittler, Palmateer, Vaive, etc. debacles because I don't know if I can take this. God help me if they trade Antropov away.

This was a game that got out of hand in a hurry, the Bruins scoring so quickly they chased Toronto starting goalie Vesa Toskala after 4 minutes 34 seconds and a pair of goals, and the Maple Leafs countering with a flurry of second-period shots that floated past Boston goalie Tim Thomas like big snowflakes, drifting into the net and rapidly accumulating.

Barbara Matson, Boston Globe

It was easily the craziest game last night. I like to think that the Leafs were affected by Fredo's decision being announced an hour prior to the start of the game. I  mean, look at this widget:


Mats Sundin

#13 / Center / Vancouver Canucks



Feb 13, 1971

Final - 12.18.2008 1 2 3 Total
Toronto Maple Leafs 1 4 0 5
Boston Bruins 2 4 2 8

Complete Coverage >

Theme of the Night: good things happen when you get to the front of the net. A lot of the B's goals tonight where a direct result of traffic in front.

Evan50, Stanley Cup of Chowder

It was the same deal with the Leafs as Antropov and Grabovski's goals both came as a result of traffic in front of the net. Actually, there might have been more but I actually blanked this game out of my mind. So let's watch the highlights:


Looks like Kubina's benefitted from some powerplay traffic and Finger's had Ponikarovsky flying at the net.

Credit where it's due: Toronto is a much better team than they ought to be, and have shown a knack for surprising arrogant powerhouse teams. The Bruins are a young, flashy, slightly overconfident squad -- most nights those are good traits but not against a crafty team like the Leafs.

Tom, Here Come The Bruins

That is good enough this year but next year I want to read about how the Leafs are better than people give them credit for being. The year after that, better than their fans could hope for at this stage and after that, better than anyone else.

All the Leafs blogs are too busy talking Sundin to bother with a recap.

Yeah, it was kind of a big deal.

Van Ryn, who returned a week ago after a 13-game absence because of a broken finger and concussion, suffered another concussion early in the third period of the Leafs' 8-5 loss to the NHL Eastern Conference-leading Bruins.

After battling back to 6-5, Van Ryn hit his head on the glass and suffered a cut above his right eye when he was pinching in the Bruins' end and was hit by Boston's truculent forward, Milan Lucic.

Tim Wharnsby, The Globe and Mail

Man, he cannot catch a break. Poor guy.

"Fernandez actually came in and made the difference in the game," Toronto head coach Ron Wilson said. "We dominated the first six, seven or 10 minutes of the game, but he made three or four unbelievable saves, and then they scored that power-play goal and it was over."

There's another unlucky character. He leaves Minnesota to get the top job in Boston and promptly get Wally Pipped by Tim Thomas.

So the Leafs crapped the bed but at least they didn't give up at 5-1 when it looked like it was going to get Edmonton-Chicago ugly. However, it soon won't be good enough to work hard and come up short. Too many mental errors (and some horrific refereeing) contributed directly to goals.

So...when does Our Luke and Saviour come back?