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Preview: Maple Leafs at Geno and The Kid

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Pre-Game: 6:30pm HNiC and LeafsTV
Broadcast: 7pm HNiC and NHL Network
Post-Game: 10pm LeafsTV
Internet Streams: Post in the comments

Previous Meetings

Final - 10.18.2008 1 2 3 Total
Toronto Maple Leafs 1 0 0 1
Pittsburgh Penguins 1 1 2 4

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The Kerfuffle

Hat-tip to somny for posting this fanshot of the league's golden boy going after some Thrashers boys. This is what makes the league's disciplinary system come under such scrutiny. Crosby should get suspended at least a game for that cheapshot.

The Leaf-Killer

Alec paints a hell of a tough picture for the Leafs:

All-time, Malkin has recorded eighteen assists in nine games against the Leafs. He also recorded his first career hat-trick against the Blue and White last January. The guy is a downright Leaf killer.

How are these two guys going this far? Ummm...about as awesomely as expected:


2008 - Sidney Crosby 31 13 33 46 9 28 2 0 0 1 106 12.3



2008 - Evgeni Malkin 31 14 39 53 20 28 4 2 1 0 108 13.0

FrankD knows that opponents' can't take the Leafs lightly:

Well uh, did you see that Bruins game the other night?  The Maple Leafs were down 5-1 at one point but they rallied back to...

Really?  They lost?  Man, I need to keep up on my news.

Well then.  Prior to Thursday night's 8-5 loss to the Bruins, the Leafs beat the Islanders, Sabres and Devils before entering into a shooting match with Boston.  In other words, they're kinda sorta winning so let's not just dismiss this game as an easy win.  (See?  I'm playing it safe.)

Today's date is actually a pretty significant one in the history of the Penguins' franchise. The Pensblog looks back at the day that could have signalled the end of Pittsburgh's hockey team.

The other current focus is what the Leafs' are going to do with their backup goalie. Mark Zwolinski talked to Old Yeller (nee CuJo) to see where his head is at right now. LT is thinking of what can be done to sort out the situation:

If Burke agrees than I’m sure finding an adequate back-up would be a non-issue. For me, I’d be fine with a decision to bring up Pogge now….maybe 15-20 games in the bigs will do more for his development?

The good thing is that the Leafs have a plan set and are not going to deviate from that for any reason. They are intent on seeing Pogge play 60+ games in the AHL and giving him a peek in the regular season. Either way, hopefully we don't have to see CuJo tonight.

The best news of the night, Nik Hagman will be back in the lineup!