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Wow. What a game. Pogge just looks like a franchise goalie eh? Tall, white pads, confident positioning and long, long legs. Who knows if he'll get another start but I hope he does tonight mostly for selfish reasons: I'll be there. On the other hand, it does give VeTo a few more days to rehab his groin which is never a bad thing.

Do you know what makes it so much better? The senators are about to embark on an 8 game road trip since a real hockey team will be taking over the Corel Centre. Their current record on the road? 3-8-2. So after they go 0-8 maybe their fans will admit that every failing that has ever been attributed to them by Leafers has been right. God, I can't wait for January 3rd to see the Leafs curbstomp the sens.

Anyway, links, links, links: