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NNN: Stanley Cups Are Not Won In December

Memo to all Toronto Maple Leafs fans

To: Toronto Maple Leafs fans
From: San Jose Sharks fans
Subject: When to cheer for the Leafs

Dear Toronto Maple Leafs fans: when your team is down 5-1 with 30 seconds to play and has been basically handled by a bored Sharks team all game, you should really stop and think a second about whether you should stand up and start yelling "Leafs rule!" and dissing the Sharks fans who's building you are currently standing in.




Sharks fans who found you not amusing, but rather pitiful tonight.

Chuqui, Two For Elbowing

Check out the response in the comments which beat me to the "memo to Sharks fans" punch. Let's all remember that it's a long way to June, just ask The Dynasty That Never Was what you win for being the best team in NHL history before Christmas.

That was kinda my point in my posting last night. The Leafs scored mostly because the Sharks didn't really care if they did, and the few Leafs fans willing to stick around to the end (most left, the first large chunk in the 2nd period, along with the first wave of Sharks fans) really shouldn't have seen that as a "YEAH! LEAFS RULE!" moment.

Chuqui, Two for Elbowing

My point in getting upset? It's always a "YEAH! LEAFS RULE!" moment. That's part and parcel of being a fan in an opponent's barn*.

*No longer actually a barn apparently.

Then again, it's December, and December is paved with fool's gold. We will learn more about the Sharks when they hit their first dreary stretch, because we will know then how quickly they rebound from it.

Ray Ratto, San Francisco Chronicle

There, my friends, is a man that understands the perilous nature of having visions of hockey in June dancing in your head in December.

Devin Setoguchi instinctively snapped to attention whenever he heard Ron Wilson's familiar bark across the ice. The San Jose forward even caught himself glancing to the Toronto bench for instructions from his former coach, who laughed at the eye contact.

Greg Beacham, Associated Press

Wow. That military-like discipline. I like it although Wilson should have tried telling the Sharks to score on their own net.

Reason One: Patrick Marleau, the captain. He and Wilson, it's safe to say, were not close pals. Marleau is always Mr. Circumspect about it. Yet this is telling: Tuesday morning, Marleau said he had not spoken with Wilson since the firing. Marleau left a message on Wilson's phone mail after last season. And that was it. So how was Marleau approaching Tuesday?

Mark Purdy, Mercury News

Oh, did poor hippie boy not like the discipline? What a surprise that a French guy wants to avoid the army. What's that? He's from Saskatchewan? Well, who knew that farmers were pansies.