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FTB - Game Day Edition?

Part of the fun of being on vacation is not being beholden to things like clocks and calendars and schedules. The only thing I have to worry about is making sure that I don't go hungry. Chemmy is apparently on the same schedule in ottawa where he's watching the World Juniors and being assaulted by the most homeless people ever. That's saying a lot because he's lived in Boston and New York and visited Toronto a lot and they are all meccas for the homeless. Anyway, I slept in but we'll still have a regular schedule: Game preview at some point, game thread, reminder to make your SPG picks, and a reminder that there are only two more days to make sure that you qualify for the Christmas Contest.

And here are some links:

  • Looks like Old Yeller might soon be taken out back and relieved of his backup duties. In 2002 this might have hurt. Since he left for Detroit this is just the cherry on top of the struggling sundae that his career became after forsaking Toronto. Take note Fredo.
  • Speaking of Fredo, looks like he finally managed to make it to his new hometown that he'll love and love and never want to leave and hopes to bring a Stanley Cup and blah blah blah.
  • Oh that Rosie DiMANno. She cannot do anything right.
  • Kim Jorn went to Sarnia but don't feel bad for him! Also, I like Stock Ale but Till has hairy arms that seem scary.
  • How typical is it of something ottawa related trying to copy exactly what the Toronto version is doing? Why can't the senators stick with their "fall apart in the playoffs" thing and let us have the "suck during the regular season in order to get a franchise player" thing? Jerks. But still worth a laugh.