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Holiday Contest Superpost

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Here at Pension Plan Puppets Incorporated we realize that the quality of the site depends as much on the people that contribute comments, fanposts, fanshots, and general hilarity and insight as it does on the combined awesomeness of Chemmy and I seen here:


In the spirit of the season, we've gathered a few prizes to give away including a Mats Sundin jersey, a Wendel Clark Bobblehead and Official Banner Raising Night Moustache, a slew of Tomas Kaberle Bobbleheads, and some Leafs pins.

But how can you get your hands on these great prizes? Find out after the jump.

How to Enter

Step One: Register. If you're already registered then the easy part is over.

Step Two: Make 20 comments in the month of December. Make 'em count through either sheer hilarity or brilliant insight because posting "First" 20 times will not count and will likely result in me sending someone to your front door like the ending of Jay and Silent Bob.

Step Three: Write two fanposts in the month of December. This part might seem daunting but we'll post four themes (one every Monday) to try to inspire you to greatness. Before putting yours together give this piece by Al Yellon of Bleed Cubbie Blue a read.

Make sure to label the fanposts "Christmas Contest" so that we can easily find them.

Step Four: ...

Step Five: Profit! Actually, step five is a random draw of all qualified entries.


Grand Prize: Chemmy will present some art-house pictures of this but thanks to his diligent quest for cheap jerseys the top prize will be a Mats Sundin Jersey! It's a CCM Mats Sundin replica jersey. You can own a jersey of the greatest Leaf in the team's history just by commenting!



Second Place: Thanks to an extensive network of superb agents I was able to procure not only a Wendel Clark bobblehead doll from his banner raising night but also one of the stylish moustaches that Chemmy and I are modelling in the picture above. I know, I am freaking awesome.

Get yer ass out of bed!

Third Place: The aforementioned undercover agent was also able to transmit our thid prize, a Tomas Kaberle bobblehead doll.

Good morning friend!

Contest Two

SPG Contest: This post explains the idea behind the game and you can register here. Make sure that you set your loyalty with the Leafs. The twist will be that the "Will Not Happen" option does not count for this game. While the year-long stats continue to compile for the purposes of this contest only the 'real' points (ie when you actually choose the correct player to get the first shot, penalty, or goal) in December will be counted towards the top prize so plan accordingly.

Contest Three

For the Regulars: In order to properly thank our regulars we are giving away a prize that is available only for people that joined prior to December 1, 2008. Obviously a lot of the success here thus far has been thanks to people spreading the good word. Ideally we'd send all of you a bobblehead (actually, we'd set up a battle royale but that would be expensive) but we only have one. So whoever refers the most new users that post 20 comments wins the prize. Just have them send me an e-mail with their username and yours so that I can track who referred whom.

If those new users also post two Fanposts, they'll be entered in to win bobbleheads and the jersey themselves!

Legal mumbo jumbo blahblahblah the skill testing question is going to be awesome.