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Game Recap: Tomas Kaberle 4 Leafs 3

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Final - 12.4.2008 1 2 3 Total
Toronto Maple Leafs 2 1 0 3
Tomas Kaberle B 1 3 4

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Tomas Kaberle was benched during the first period of last night's game, where he got to watch Hanzal and Ponikarovsky each pick up a pair of goals. Not content to see two players come so close to getting a hat trick, Kaberle decided to allow Hanzal to score shorthanded on his first shift. The Leafs tied it towards the end of the second when Fist Pump scored an easy tap in.

The third period was pretty much a complete trainwreck. Steven Reinprecht scored a pair before Todd Fedoruk capped the 6-3 night. Todd Fedoruk. who has 76 points in 418 games.

This was a terrible game, Toskala was as bad as ever, the Kaberle issue is about to come to its head, and the Leafs only managed eighteen shots on goal, and the whole team lacked any real hustle or flow. As a few people have pointed out, the Leafs had an 8am practice in Phoenix this morning before returning to Toronto. Good.