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Five Questions With J.P.

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Editor's Note: Tonight the Leafs face off against our playoff friends from Washington. In order to find out how things have gone since May we chatted with J.P. from one of SBN's newest sites Japers' Rink. The questions I answered can be found here.

1. The Rock the Red campaign was a huge success. Watching the playoff games and seeing a sea of red with a young and exciting team made me sad that the Leafs were the opposite. So does the adopting of red mean that the Capitals will stop with their Vancouver-like obsession with changing jerseys and colours?

The team has really marketed the hell out of "red," but they could've been wearing pink and green (or, even worse, black and gold) and the place would've been rocking after the regular season run they put together from last Thanksgiving (US) on. But I think the red, white and blue are back for good though I wouldn't be surprised to see something like this pop up in the next couple of years. Oh, and you spelled "color" wrong. [Editor's Note: The Queen disagrees]

2. I selected Jose Theodore as one of my goalie's in fantasy hockey and he has been, to say the least, a massive disappointment. Brent Johnson, on the other hand, seems like he would like the starting job. How long before Jose's classified as a bust?

Jose has been pretty inconsistent, to be sure, and his numbers still aren't where you'd like them to be, but a lot of that has to do with injuries to the guys in front of him and a longer-than-hoped-for adjustment period. It's also worth noting that he has always struggled a bit in October and November. It's also worth noting that he's Jose Theodore, so it may be quite the roller coaster. But I think he has the chance to be very good for the Caps, though it's nice to have a solid and capable backup behind him (I'm not sure you can relate). [Editor's Note: Thanks for reminding us]

2008 - Jose Theodore 16 917 8 5 1 1 47 3.08 423 376 .889 1
2008 - Brent Johnson 12 658 6 4 2 2 30 2.74 337 307 .911 0

3. As I mentioned in your version of this feature, Luke Schenn is a defensive cornerstone for the franchise, future captain, Conn Smythe winner, and multiple Norrie honouree. Who is his near-equivalent on your blueline? Karl Alzner?

I suppose, though Mike Green is still only just 23 and will hopefully have some Norris consideration in his future. But Alzner's the real deal, and will be a joy to watch for years to come. Another name to know is John Carlson. He'll be a stud. [Editor's Note: Three of them? God, I feel sick]

4. Bruce Boudreau recently celebrated one year behind the bench. What was the biggest change that he made? Also, when can Leaf fans expect a thank you?

Jesus, that link is friggin' sweet. [Editor's Note: Yes, it is. There are tonnes more] I've lost my train of thought. What was the question? Oh yeah. Gabby brought so many changes that it's hard to pick any one as "the biggest." He brought accountability back. He brought an up tempo game plan. He brought sexy back. But most of all, I suppose, he allows players to play their games without being afraid to make a mistake or two. Whereas Glen Hanlon's team was timid, Bruce Boudreau's has been aggressive and confident, and you can see it most clearly with Green (or you could if he wasn't injured), but also with Backstrom, Ovechkin, Fleischmann and others.

And for that, we thank you.

[Editor's Note: Wow. That sounds like a hell of a coach to have. I think I've read something similar about some guy named Wilson. ] 

5. Ovechkin is currently in the first year of an 13 year contract. How long until he starts demanding that coaches be fired, friends be acquired, and he demands a cut-rate trade to New York?

The beautiful irony is that had Jaromir Jagr not been such a whiny, loafing, locker room cancer, the 2003-04 Caps team could have been really good, or at a bare minimum, mediocre. But J.J. pouted, the Caps stunk, and they blew it all up. The result? A lottery pick, a lottery win, and Alex Ovechkin. So thanks to Jaromir Jagr, Caps fans get to watch the best player in the world wear their colors for the next bazillion years.